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Artificial stone countertops

    Artificial stone countertops are ideal for use in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and even in the premises of commercial enterprises. Plasticity, which is achieved by the temperature effect on the stone, allows you to give the product any shape. This countertop made of artificial stone will become a harmonious element of the interior and allow you to profitably use the available space.
The Intraflooring company offers the manufacture of countertops made of artificial stone according to your sketch. An original element that embodies your design idea will support the overall style of the kitchen and complement it with functional details. The color of countertops made of artificial stone can always be chosen. Browse through the entire color catalog to select multiple options. In addition to color, you can choose the shape of countertops made of artificial stone and decorate the surface with the help of drawings or a combination of different textures. Our specialist will help you create your own product design and calculate the exact cost, for this you need to leave a request.

Countertop for kitchen made of artificial stone at an attractive price.

Do you need a quality inexpensive countertop made of artificial stone? You can buy it from us! By purchasing our products, you will receive an uncompromising product at the manufacturer’s price. Our masters will deliver and install the finished product on a professional level and in the shortest possible time.

Purpose of countertops for kitchen made of artificial stone.

Modern production technologies, which are the basis for the manufacture of countertops made of artificial stone, and the high quality materials that we use, give the products the following properties:

  • strength;
  • absolute non hygroscopic;
  • easy care;
  • seamless coating;
  • Resistance to temperature influences;
  • A variety of color schemes;
  • Light weight: artificial stone is lighter than natural.

Artificial stone countertop color palette

    In the manufacture of countertops made of artificial stone, we use only the best time-tested and workable materials, the best high-quality and reliable materials from world market leaders. A large palette of shades and textures of artificial stone is able to satisfy the wishes of any customer. We offer only the best brands: TAS, MSI, Pacific mat, Evoke, Cambria

The price of countertops made of artificial stone depends on the complexity of the design, the manufacturer of acrylic stone and color. In order to make it easier for you to decide on the choice of material, below we give the cost of the corner kitchen worktops made of artificial stone made from different brands of artificial stone. This will help you compare prices and choose material within your budget.

Artificial stone worktops

Our specialists are able to give any countertop made of artificial stone, even geometrically complex shapes. It can be straight, angular, p-shaped using external and internal radii and bevels. Such a beautiful countertop made of artificial stone will decorate the interior of any room!

Edge and flange profile options

The edge and side are made of the same material as the countertop itself. Below are the most popular options for edges and edges. You can choose the option you like, and our craftsmen will make the product, taking into account all your wishes.

The advantages of artificial stone countertops:

Beautiful appearance
   Some brands of acrylic stone externally very accurately imitate the color and texture of natural stone: (granite, onyx, marble, etc.). A worktop made of such material will look simply gorgeous.
Environmental friendliness and safety
   There are no pores in the structure of the artificial stone, which prevents bacteria and germs from multiplying on the surface of the countertop. Manufacturers guarantee that the material fully complies with all USA environmental safety requirements. You can see quality certificates for all brands of artificial stone on our website.
Simple repair
   In case of damage, the restoration process will not take much time and effort. Damaged parts are glued together by the craftsman in place, then polished and polished. The product will be again like new! You do not have to spend money on the purchase of a new work surface.
Lack of seams
   During installation, individual parts of the product structure are glued using special glue, ground and polished. The joints are not visible, and the surface looks unified and monolithic, which gives the product a presentable appearance. Due to the lack of joints at the joints, the water to the countertops made of artificial stone is not scary.
Stain resistant
   You can not worry that on the surface of the countertop there will be traces of spilled coffee, red wine or juice. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe off any dirt without much effort.
Reliability and durability
   With proper use, an artificial stone countertop will last you for many years. Unlike chipboard worktops, in a room with high humidity, an artificial stone worktop does not change shape and does not deform from exposure to water. The artificial stone is impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, it will not change its original color and, unlike the natural one, is not subject to micro cracks.
Affordable price
   Products made of artificial stone are much cheaper than products made of natural stone, and in quality they are not inferior to them.