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Hardwood flooring

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The Widest selection of hardwood flooring in USA

If you are looking for a floor made from natural materials, but do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive varieties, hardwood flooring may be the best option. In terms of performance, this is a cross between an economical laminate and expensive parquet.

As you can see in our catalog of hardwood flooring, it is both a laconic and stylish version of the flooring. Such wooden floors were once found only in the homes of noble people. It was a real sign of good taste and affluence. And now, a variant similar in design and texture can anyone afford. Prices for a parquet board are quite affordable, and the compositions are so diverse that everyone can easily choose a drawing to his taste.

If you have any difficulty finding the right option, contact us. We are always happy to welcome new customers and are ready to help in all complex matters! Ask how much a parquet board costs compared to other flooring options, what are its unique properties and how does one option differ from another. Our consultants will answer any questions in detail!

Features of hardwood flooring

Even if you bought a parquet board cheaply, you can rest assured that it will look stylish and neat for a long time without losing its characteristics. And it fits quite easily. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, it is possible to make flooring even in a very spacious room in just a few hours.

What is the secret to low hardwood flooring prices? Why is it so cheap compared to many other options? First of all, savings are achieved thanks to the special structure of this floor covering.

Unlike parquet blocks or laminate, a conventional parquet board includes several layers:

Basis — a sheet of plywood about 2 mm thick;
inner layer — glued elements of conifers;
the outer layer is a plate of valuable wood species (oak, cherry, beech, maple, etc.) with a thickness of about 1-7 mm.
It turns out that the materials for its manufacture by themselves are not so expensive, and the design is so simple that any professional will cope with the installation work almost alone. Such a coating is easily laid floating or glue.

It is not surprising that the floorboard in the USA is so popular. In terms of indicators of coziness and comfort, this option has long left cold tiles and traditional linoleum behind.