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Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

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Rules for choosing wall cabinets

High pencil cases and cupboards, which were in vogue recently, are no longer in trend. Although they can become an organic part of the kitchen, the basis of which are the floor and wall cabinets for the kitchen. Now these are the main elements of a single furniture ensemble in the kitchen, which make it possible to rationally use every centimeter of the room without saturating it with furniture.

What should be the wall cabinets

The durability of the furniture depends on the quality of the materials chosen for the manufacture and on the assembly. Therefore, it is not necessary to unreasonably save: if the price difference is not dictated by designer “bells and whistles” it is more reasonable to prefer a more expensive model. In addition to reliability and durability, kitchen wall cabinets should be roomy and easy to use. We will help you choose and make a design for Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets. Individual approach

The working rectangle “stove — sink — counter top — refrigerator” should not be littered with unnecessary objects. Therefore, it is very reasonable to use the hinged kitchen cabinets — they are an excellent storage place and at the same time do not “steal” valuable square centimeters of the working surface.

The models we offer comply with all technological standards and ergonomic requirements. Their depth, depending on the specific sample, varies between 30-43 cm, height — 36-72-96 cm. It can be closed, open or combined cabinets with hinged or folding doors. Extraction hoods and models of kitchen wall cabinets with glass are also very popular, fulfilling not only their functional purpose, but also being an excellent decorative element in the kitchen.

Construction and materials

The basis of wall cabinets is the frame: side, rear, upper and lower walls. Frames of wall cabinets for the kitchen, which are very convenient to buy in our online store, are made of chipboard or MDF. The open ends of the plates are sealed with a metal profile or end tape — this not only improves their appearance, but also protects the inside of the plates from the effects of temperature and moisture. As a result, the structure is not deformed or destroyed. The frame elements are securely fastened with Euro screws, which do not destroy the structure of the plates. Thanks to these details, the samples presented by us will last for many years without damage and deformation.

Facades play not only a functional purpose — to cover the internal space — but also aesthetic: it is they that form the basis of the visual perception of a kitchen set. The facades that determine the appearance of the cabinets are swinging, sliding or folding. They are made of different materials:

Solid wood
laminated MDF,
MDF profile
Wooden facades are very presentable and impeccable in terms of ecology of the kitchen. However, they are quite whimsical to care for, expensive and heavy.

Facades from laminated MDF also look very stylish. They are popular for their combination of preventability, ease of care and budget price.

Particleboard facades are even more affordable, but they are less reliable, more whimsical to care for and not environmentally sound enough.

Facades from a frame MDF profile are frames finished with natural veneer or PVC film. Depending on the manufacturing method, their price and appearance vary. That is, they are applicable in different design styles.

Very interesting facades in which MDF and glass are combined. Frosted glass allows you to hide the internal content of the wall cabinet, which gives the interior a certain mystery. Transparent, on the other hand, allows you to demonstrate those elements of kitchen utensils that the hostess wants to “put on display”, but to keep from dust and moisture.

Depending on the model, the internal filling of the wall cabinets consists of drawers or shelves.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

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