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Wherever repairs are made in a country house, office, apartment or hotel, customers often choose a laminate for flooring. And this is obvious, since such a coating has many advantages, and is most suitable for different types of rooms. In the catalog of our store you will discover a wide numbers of such flooring. Having visited our store, you will get the opportunity to choose and purchase a laminate from such manufacturers: Aayers, Pacific mat, TAS, Armstrong, Mohawk. And thanks to the huge selection of textures and colors found in constantly updated catalogs. You can easily find the product that is most suitable for your taste for implementing ideas in the planned repair.

Laminate is a universal floor covering, which consists of four layers: fiberboard, patterned paper, acrylic or melamine resin and the substrate.

The main advantages when choosing a laminate:

  • Ease of installation will allow even an inexperienced person to put it in the room;
  • A wide selection of textures that easily repeats the pattern of any tree or stone;
  • Product strength;
  • Easy to care.

An undeniable advantage over other floor coverings is the cost, which makes it more affordable compared to others.

Which class laminate flooring to choose?

For a quicker search for an irreplaceable option for flooring, you need to know in which room and for what purpose you plan to lay the laminate. Since several strength classes of the product are established for different purposes.
Classes determine what degree of load the laminate can withstand and in which room to install it. In the assortment of our store, you can purchase coatings of the following classes:

  • 31 class is intended for rooms with a small degree of load such as pantries or bedrooms;
  • 32 class is most suitable for laying the floor of the kitchen or corridor, often it is used in office premises;
  • 33 class is designed for rooms with heavy loads, such as a museum, a restaurant in which, due to its high wear resistance, it will last a long time;
  • 34 class is designed for rooms in which there is a large flow of people, such as a night club, train station, gym.But its high wear resistance of course affects the price, which will be higher than that of the above classes.

Given the classes of wear resistance, which were listed above, we conclude that 31 and 32 classes are more suitable for installation in houses and apartments. And 33 and 34 classes are suitable for installation in commercial and industrial premises.