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How to choose the right flooring.

Today, when the era of monotonous wooden floors is already a thing of the past, almost everyone, when making repairs in an apartment or a room, wants to give the floor more aesthetics and beauty. Due to the high competition in the building materials market, the modern consumer has a huge selection of floor coverings, ranging from cheap and artificial to expensive and natural ones. In order to fully understand the modern flooring offered on the market, it is necessary, first of all, to familiarize yourself with its variety. Now there are many types of flooring – soft, hard, tile, roll, etc. Let's look at laminate flooring, solid flooring, parquet, and vinyl tiles, which are by far the dominant and most common types of flooring.

Laminate. More recently, this type of flooring has become widely used. With the help of a laminate, you will get an excellent imitation of wooden natural floors, but it is not inferior to a real tree at all in strength and rigidity. At the same time, it is worth noting that the price of the laminate is quite acceptable and affordable for the mass consumer. A significant advantage of the laminate is its ease of installation. However, this material is not entirely suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Massive board and parquet. This kind of coating is the most traditional and classic. However, their cost is quite high relative to other types of flooring. For the decoration of floors, as a rule, boards made of wood of valuable varieties of trees are used. A natural wooden floor will create an incredible feeling of coziness and comfort in your home, and also keep you warm in the winter.

Vinyl coatings. Almost always made in the form of tiles and have, in turn, excellent technical characteristics and unique performance properties. The assortment of this material on sale is so large that it is quite difficult to make the right choice in favor of a particular type. Vinyl tile quickly gained popularity in the building materials market due to its beautiful appearance, ease of installation and operation, resistance to mechanical stress, high rigidity, moisture resistance, environmental cleanliness, light weight, economy and affordability for the mass consumer.

In addition to the above-described floor coverings, there are a huge number of other materials on the market, among which are rubber coatings, linoleum, polyvinyl chloride coatings, cork coverings, ceramic tiles, artificial or natural stone, carpet coverings, self-leveling floors. Each type of coating has its pros and cons, but nevertheless, any of the named material can be an excellent solution for you in a particular situation.